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2020 Strategy

In December 2015, after much consultation and consideration, a number of surveys of both the public & our membership and considerable work led by the “Membership Focus Group” (MFG), the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) published its 2015-2020 strategy for the Future of Freemasonry.

The Provincial Grand Master has asked all members of the Province to read the strategy, to consider their own response and to discuss it in their Lodges, so that future plans can be developed.  The Province is already developing its responses and plans.  These will be announced and promoted over time.

Documents related to the strategy will be provided for download from this page.  Members of the Province are encouraged to share their views and ideas in the comments below or via the Provincial Facebook page.

Key aspects of the strategy include:

Our vision

To become openly recognised within our communities as the premier fraternal organisation and the society of choice for individuals with high standards of integrity who are seeking fellowship, personal development, social and charitable involvement that satisfies the needs of themselves and their families.

Our values

As Freemasons we are guided by these values: integrity, respect, caring and concern for others, co-operation and charity.

Strategic objectives

  1. Develop effective Governance at all levels
  2. Develop financial sustainability
  3. Improved attraction and retention of members

Our approach

We will monitor our achievements and success, using modern media (including ‘push technology’) to communicate with and assist members to make the most of the opportunities that Freemasonry offers.

Documents for download

Trifold leaflet summary (released 3rd December, 2015), can be downloaded here.
Eight page summary (released 3rd December, 2015), can be downloaded here.