Masonic Charitable Foundation – Tackling Loneliness in Later Life

Masonic Charitable FoundationThe Masonic Charitable Foundation are excited to announce a £1 million partnership with Age UK which will provide local support for 10,000 lonely older people.

Loneliness in later life is on the rise, with millions of older people reporting that they feel ignored or invisible. In fact, there are over 200,000 older people in the UK who won’t have spoken to anybody in the past month.

Freemasonry has always tried to help those feeling lonely or isolated. This year, in response to the growing challenge of social isolation, a three-year partnership has been established between freemasonry and Age UK. Through this partnership, the Masonic Charitable Foundation will fund a new £1 million project called Later Life Goals, delivered locally in 13 areas across England and Wales.

Through Later Life Goals, Age UK will offer tailored support to older people going through major life transitions. Very few people initially raise loneliness as an issue, but there are many challenges in later life such as bereavement, a serious health diagnosis or a partner going into care which can significantly contribute to social isolation.

The grant will allow the Later Life Goals project to roll out in 13 areas across England and Wales, benefiting 10,000 older people.

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