Hartington Claim the DKW Loving Cup

On Wednesday 27th April eight members of Hartington Lodge No.1085 (led by W Bro. Alan Cudworth) attended a meeting of the Lodge of Science and Art No.8429, the Universities Scheme Lodge for Loughborough University, to claim the DKW Loving Cup.

The cup was commissioned by RW Bro. David Kenneth Williamson, Past Assistant Grand Master, Founder of the Universities Scheme and its President from 2005 to 2015.  It was made by A.R. Wentworth (Sheffield) Limited through the good offices of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers.

The cup is designed to promote visiting between the Universities Scheme Lodges and can only be held by a Lodge for a maximum of three months. It can be claimed by any other Universities Scheme Lodge visiting the host lodge with a minimum of four members.  Therefore, it will be passed on to another Scheme Lodge at Hartington Lodge’s meeting on Wednesday 6th July

Hartington Loving Cup
Hartington Loving Cup

A Loving Cup is a two-handled silver cup used to share a drink among a group of diners.  The ancient ceremony of the Loving Cup dates back to Saxon times and involves diners standing guard for one another as each person drinks from the cup in turn.  Today it is most frequently practised by the Livery Companies of the City of London.

The cup will be on display at Hartington Lodge on Wednesday 4th May, and the ceremony of the Loving Cup will be enacted at the Festive Board.  Hartington Lodge extends a welcome to all visitors to take part in the ceremony.