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The Masonic Charitable Foundation has donated £25,000 to Plan International UK to help support 30,000 people whose lives have been devastated by the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala.

Over 1.7 million people ......READ THE ARTICLE IN FULL HERE

The fourth edition of the Masonic Charitable Foundation publication 'Better Lives' is available to read on the Scarsdale Lodge 681 website

Chesterfield Masons are opening their doors to all. Come along and look around and learn first hand about who we are, and what we do, and why we do it. You never know you may be surprised. 19th -20th October 2018. More details to follow.

Masonic Charitable Foundation - Latest News - An Opportunity from Rolls-Royce

Did you know that Rolls-Royce teams support community organisations, schools and charities with community projects?.... Read the article in full here

Masonic Charitable Foundation – National Conversation Week - Loneliness has become a huge issue in the UK, affecting millions of people from all walks of life. This National Conversation Week, we are highlighting the support that the Masonic Charitable Foundation can offer to vulnerable members of the Masonic community ........... READ THE ARTICLE IN FULL HERE

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