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  • Nomads Rugby Lodge (Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire)
  • Masonic Charitable Foundation – Support for Mental Health
  • Derbyshire Circle Edition 2 (Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire)
  • Museum of Freemasonry – Free Colouring Book
  • Museum of Freemasonry – Online Talk

Based in the market town of
(24 miles north of Derby)
Scarsdale 681 meet on the third Tuesday of each month, with a summer recess from June to August, with a few social gatherings added in between for good measure.

We are always happy to welcome visiting brethren and to respond to enquiries from those considering joining. Please feel free to browse the site and contact us for further information.

Members are also kept up to date of events in other lodges.

WM Bro. J Donnelly


People have their own  reasons for becoming and enjoying being a Freemason. Many come for the brotherhood, whilst others come for self-improvement.
Prospective members can find more information HERE.

You can watch a short video interview with a young Freemason by CLICKING HERE


The Future of Freemasonry – 2020 Strategy
You can find out all about UGLE’s strategy for the Future of Freemasonry.  This information will be kept up to date as the strategy develops.  Read more here

2020 WM Donnelly Welcomes You to Scarsdale 681Bro John Donnelly - WM

Freemasons’ Hall is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and the principal meeting place for Masonic Lodges in London.   (Short Video of Freemasons Hall)
In Memoriam – 1919
The Masonic Million Memorial Fund is set up to rebuild Freemasons’ Hall as a memorial to the 3,000 members who died on active service in the Great War.


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